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Germany’s number one holiday region combines the traditional Lederhosen image with high-tech and innovative features. Blue skies and crystal clear lakes, world-class museums, picturesque Alpine views, hearty food, superb beer, and UNESCO World Heritage sites are just some of the reasons to visit Germany’s south-east corner. Bavaria’s medieval castles and small towns, sparkling lakes and not to mention its urban centres, provide the perfect setting for everything from traditional festivals to high opera.  Famous internationally is King Ludwig I I’s fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle. Bavaria has more than 100,000 architectural monuments, more than 1,200 museums and collections and 40 first-class venues for theatre and opera. Germany’s most polarizing and well known football team Bayern München fills the Allianz Arena for every match. Traditional events in the region include the Oktoberfest in Munich and Nuremberg’s Christmas market.