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Managing Director

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My passions are events and traveling. Both disciplines are combined under the umbrella of NTI.

Because people makes the difference, I love to work with my fantastic team of colleagues on challenging projects to deliver the best services.
As part of the BETTER DAY Group, NTI plays the leading role in all travel and incoming businesses.

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Roland Hoelz

Managing Director


I was escorting how NTI became to life from the very beginning.

I consider myself fortunate for being able to live my passion for travel, culture, gastronomy and music day by day. Working in the tourism for almost 20 years my Hungarian origins routed me through several parts of Europe to the challenging capital of Germany.

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Judit Karall

Office & Project Manager

+49 176 706 786 30



Lights down, spotlight up! I began my professional career in the theater. Guest performances took me to many different countries and awakened my passion for tourism. These days I just love to explore Germany with all its facets and to share what I have discovered with the rest of the world.

Janina Kruschel

Project Manager

+49 173 644 55 77

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I was born in Germany’s beautiful maritime city Hamburg and moved to Berlin after finishing my studies in tourism management. Working with NTI I have learned a lot about Berlin’s gastronomy which is extremely diverse, multicultural and delicious.

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