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Our Vision is our Mission

We enable better corporate travel.

As a travel company, we have an overriding responsibility to offer resource-saving services in the value chain.

In our NTI voluntary undertaking, we acknowledge this responsibility.


Sustainable hospitality

As an incoming travel agency, we see ourselves as a gateway to Germany and as facilitators of a cultural and economic exchange. We actively support our clients in their efforts towards sustainable travel management by providing information on the services of our local partners and highlighting these during the offer process.

By providing these extra details, we create awareness & enable our customers to make 360° travel decisions.

More informed => more aware => better travel decisions.

In November 2021 we became Sustainable Meeting Partner approved by visitBerlins Convention Office.


Business based on values

Global responsibility

We are part of a global community of values and actively contribute to the achievement of the

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under the

2030 Agenda.

The 17 SDGs are reflected in our internal policies as part of our value system.

Know. Trust. Advise. Support.

Binding and long-standing business relationships with our German service providers allow for conscious supply chain coordination. Only this way can we advise and support our partner agencies and clients in their efforts towards sustainable travel management.

Culture & Compliance

Based on our Code of Conduct, we endorse a healthy, socially just and environmentally friendly working environment in which diversity, equal opportunities and justice form the guiding principles of our corporate culture.

We are committed to compliance with the law and to just and fair business ethics.

Continuous improvement

We work tirelessly to attain measurable improvements in our sustainability balance in the areas of corporate governance, ecology, society and economy. In 2021, we became Sustainable Meeting Partner approved by visitBerlin.

We strongly believe that conscious corporate governance,

which takes economic, social and ecological interdependencies into account,

is the only way to a future worth living.

Our contribution for a
sustainable travel management

Competent & clear advice. Along with our in-depth service portfolio, we also provide details on the sustainable and relevant safety incentives and measures of our German service providers in the form of conscious supply chain coordination.

This enables us to provide our agency partners with the best possible advice and support for our end customers.

Solid & binding cooperation with our

German service providers and international agency partners

is the prerequisite for optimal client support throughout the entire process. In this way we maintain a constant level of respectful, attentive and solution-oriented communication.

Sustainable office and human resource management

is the basis for a healthy, socially just and

environmentally friendly working environment.


We are committed to compliance with the law and good and fair business ethics, to remain competitive in the market, and as part of society. We firmly reject business practices such as corruption, bribery and the acceptance of mutual benefits. Our corporate Anti-Corruption Policy provides guidance and support in this matter to all employees.

Managing Director Roland Hölz is responsible for

corporate liability. Lawyer Andreas Haft is authorised by the management as Compliance Officer.

​ As an employer, NTI Nordic Travel Incoming is committed to upholding employee rights and maintaining and promoting a healthy and empowering working environment. We expect our partners to uphold human rights through fair pay, dignified working conditions free from discrimination and the firm rejection of undeclared labour.


Those fundamental values of NTI Nordic Travel Incoming GmbH which take the requirements of internal and external interest groups into account are set out in our internal corporate guidelines and our NTI voluntary undertaking. They cover social and societal responsibility, compliance and environmental management. These manifest our corporate culture values and are regularly updated and checked for validity.


Corporate responsibility for occupational health and safety, security, diversity management, complaints management, environmental management, compliance, data protection and social contracting are underwritten by

Managing Director Roland Hölz.

Farbe Fleck

How we intend to reach our vision.

Our corporate vision "We enable better corporate travel" signals the way forward

on our path to a future worth living. It describes the state that we wish to achieve

long term through concrete measures with objectives defined in terms of time and content.

Strategic corporate goals

I. Sustainable hospitality:

Customer satisfaction achieved through fair,

inding and successful relationships with our partners

(service providers & agency partners).

II. Maximum reduction of emissions.

To be climate neutral by December 2023.

III. Employee satisfaction achieved by means

of a healthy, appreciative and supportive working environment

which fosters entrepreneurial responsibility and, in turn, an appropriate economic return. 

Corporate goals 2021

  1. Implementation of sustainable office management including conversion to 100% green electricity.
    Yes, we did it! Since June 2021 we obtain our electricity from renewable energies.

  2. Digitalisation of the accounting process via introducing a new booking system.
    Yes, we did it! Our new booking system is running.

  3. Ongoing development and establishment of a function that highlights sustainability measures taken by service providers.
    Yes, we did it and we will continue! Sustainabel measure of our suppliers are part of our offers. With that, we support our clients in the travel management and allow more concsious travel decisions.

  4. Certification as a Sustainable Meeting Partner.
    Yes, we did it. In November 2021, we became Sustainable Meeting Partne, approved by visit Berlin.

  5. 15% of programmes implemented by the end of 2021 contain sustainable services.
    Yes, we did it! 15% of our programmes contained sustainable services such as certified hotels, guided walking tours combined with local traffic, vegetarian group menues or an inclusive restaurant.

  6. 100 % offsetting of CO2 equivalents up to and including Scope 2 emissions.
    We will do that, but simply need to wait for heating & energy account for 2021. As a matter of fact, by switching to green electricity we expect a vast reduction of our carbon emissions caused by energy production. We will get back here!

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